Among Us Apk (MOD MENU, Always Imposter) Hack Download

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Name Among Us Mod Among Us Mod is the most famous version in the Among Us Mod series of publisher Innersloth LLC
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Genre Action
Size 91MB
Version 2021.6.30
Mod Version 2021.6.30
Total installs 100,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Update Aug 30, 2021 (2 months ago)
MOD Info Mod Menu/Always Imposter
Get it On Google Play
3.6 ( 940 ratings )
Price: $0
  • All Skin Unlocked
  • Mod Menu
  • Seven Categories: Player Mod Slider, Player Mod, Sabotage Mod, Animations, Character, Misc, Host 
  • Player Speed Slider 
  • Player Ghost Speed Slider
  • Light Radius Slider
  • Use Vent as Crew
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Complete All Tasks
  • No Kill Cooldown (Patched)
  • Active Door Sabotage During Others
  • Can Do Multiple Sabotage
  • Fake Impostor
  • Increase Dead Body Report Distance Slider
  • No Emergency Cooldown
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings 
  • Control Security Cams Zoom (Skeld)
  • Sabotage Lights
  • Sabotage Systems
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Sabotage Doors
  • Play Clear Asteroids Task Animation
  • Play Empty Garbage Task Animation
  • Play Shields Task Animation
  • Unlock All Hats
  • Unlock All Pets
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Remove Ads
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Anti-Ban
  • No Leave Penalty
  • Remove Existing Ban
  • Move During Meeting/Tasks/Inside Vents
  • Become Ghost
  • Force Disable Ghost Mod/Fake Alive (If you are the host you can revive players, report body, and vote)
  • Out Of The Game Map (After First Meeting)
  • No Shadows/See Through Walls
  • Can Go Through Closed Doors
  • Free Chat (Change Chat Type from the settings as well)
  • Host Menu
  • Set Map
  • Set Impostor Number Slider
  • Set Player Speed Slider
  • Set Kill Cooldown Slider
  • Set Emergency Meetings Slider
  • Flip Skeld Map
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Among Us, the game that took the internet by storm this year and became the most downloaded game and we are here with a new version of Among Us MOD apk. It works 100% with the new release of Among Us version v2021.6.30 on Google Play Store. Get an edge in the game with this latest Among Us Alwayfs Imposter Hack which you can download directly from ApkPalace and enjoy being an imposter again and again.

Among Us Apk (MOD MENU, Always Imposter) Hack Download

Now let’s go over the two roles – Impostors and Crewmates, in a little more detail. The impostors are like wolves in sheep’s clothing and the crewmates are like sheep ready to be slaughtered inside the game. The crewmates try to survive in the harsh and perilous environment of deep space while imposters hunt for them. The game provides enough tools for both impostors and crewmates to have a fair chance at winning. But with the latest version of Among Us Mod, there is only one outcome and that is – Victory.

About Among Us Game:

Among us is a Sci-Fi Action, murder mystery game developed by Innersloth LLC and was released in 2018 on iOS, Android and later on PC. That’s right it was released way before it got popular. But now, this game has exploded all over the Internet like an unexpected time bomb. Almost every video game streamer on Twitch and YouTube is playing it. Nobody knows why this game got popular so late, but perhaps this is because it is extremely simple. The rules of the Among Us game are simple-

  • You and your crewmates of up to 10 people have to complete various tasks. Some as simple as pressing buttons or connecting color-coded wires or the evilest one- THE CARD SWIPE, the most annoying thing on this planet.
  • Completing all tasks result in Crewmate victory.
  • That’s not it as there are imposters Among Us!
  • These impostors will murder crewmates and sabotage the missions handed to them.
  • If the impostors kill enough crewmates without being caught will result in Impostor Victory.

You can come across dead bodies while completing a task and may report it. After reporting the dead body, the crew can discuss what everyone was doing and deduce who is the impostor, or fail miserably and kick out an innocent crewmate. Even if you don’t find the body you can call an Emergency Meeting by pressing the Emergency Meeting Button which is usually located where you spawn. You can either have an actual discussion or just mess around by utilizing the Unlimited Emergency hack found in this Among Us apk mod.

User Experience:

There is no in game voice chat, but you can use discord, if you want to play with your friends as a solution, as long as you and your friends only talk during discussions and must mute if dead or doing tasks. You can communicate with your teammates via voice chat. Voice chat provides a better gameplay experience and makes the game more fun and suspenseful. The online mode allows the player to play with random players. It is not recommended to play with randoms. Unless you want to have fun messing with unknown players by using our Among Us hacks.

The Crewmates

Let’s start with crewmates first.

  • As a crewmate you have to complete various tasks. Some are quick, some that aren’t and require a lot of brain power.
  • You and your crewmates have to split up in order to quickly finish your tasks. But playing alone also means possible death. However, even in death your duty is towards the crew.
  • When you die you become a Ghost and you complete the remaining tasks as a ghost. Also other crewmates won’t be able to see you in the ghost form (But you can if you have activated the See Ghosts and Chats hack).
  • Some of the tasks have animation on them, so you can prove your innocence to crewmates by finishing tasks right in front of them. You can also turn off these animations, in order to make the game harder and more suspenseful to play.
  • As a crewmate you need to stop sabotages like reactor melting, Oxygen depleting and others, from ending the game.
  • If you see a dead body, you will get an option to report and civilly discuss what went down. During the discussion, if you can’t prove your innocence then your crewmates may think that you are the impostor. This will result in everyone throwing you out of the ship.

Alternatively you can use the See Ghosts and Chats feature which comes with Among Us hack to identify who the impostor is, easily. Thereby making you the hero who saved his crewmates from the evil deeds of the impostors.

Among Us – Imposter Benefits

You and your partner if you are big enough, may be assigned as impostors.

  • As an imposter, your goal is to blend in as much as possible. You are going to fake doing tasks and be a good person for the most part.
  • Once the opportunity strikes and there are no witnesses around, cut people in half. Also, your ability to kill is on a cooldown. As and option you can use the No Kill Cooldown hack with this mod of Among Us apk and not worry about the cooldown.
  • You can’t just kill everybody in sight (Unless you use the among us hack’s Insta Kill feature) as you will get caught if you kill someone in front of others. But sometimes you can get away with it.
  • To help your escape from a crime scene easily there are vents throughout the map which only impostors can use. If people see you get inside one, you better do your best to kill them or before they report you. However this does not apply to the mod users as they can get away with any situation.
  • Imposters have various ways to sabotage enemies like shutting doors, turning off the lights making the reactor melt down etc. You should learn how each of these works and how they can benefit you as an impostor.
  • Imposters should learn how long each task takes to complete.
  • Imposters have no tools to coordinate and communicate with their teammates.
  • As an impostor you can self-report the body of the people you kill but it’s risky.


There are three different maps that you can play on

  • The Skeld- which is a spaceship and probably the most played map
  • Mira HQ- A smaller map with less hallways and isolated areas.
  • Polus- A more outdoorsy map

Each of these maps have unique tasks and a couple overlapping tasks like ‘wires are everywhere’. Each map has their own kind of security systems that anyone can use to get more information.

  • The Skeld has cameras that can be used to see some corridors all at once. It also has the system how many people are in each room.
  • Mira HQ has a computer that displays where are going in real time.
  • Polus has security cameras and vital stations that lets you know if anybody has died. These stations should be used a lot more if you want to know what is going on and they also make an impostor’s job a lot harder.

Using your creative mind you can deploy various among us hacks as per the map and situation you are in. These hacks will help you turn the tide against your opponents whether it be crewmates or impostors.

Game Modes

The beauty of this game is that there are no set rules. You and your friends can decide the map, the number of impostors, kill cooldown, player speed, player vision and the number of tasks people have to do. You can choose to turn off animations for the tasks and even turn off whether or not you know if a player is impostor or not when you eject them out of the ship.

We tried having different colors for the teammates but the name of the teammates were as per their character’s color. If the characters color was Red the player’s name was Green. We had a lot of fun with this configuration of settings. If you have any other fun configuration of settings feel free to leave it in the chat.

Pros and Cons of The Game


  • Free to play game
  • Easy to learn
  • Interesting Art Style
  • Unlimited amount of potential with different number of game modes you can play


  • The Servers are way too small
  • No in game voice chat
  • Limited maps

Among Us Game Screenshots

  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot
  • Among Us Screenshot

Advantages Of Among Us MOD MENU Apk:

The game will fulfil your wish to be an imposter multiple times as per your choice. Being always imposter is a new fun in the game. The Among Us mod apk here comes with a large variety of features unlocked which can’t be acquired or seen in the original apk version of Among us downloaded from Playstore.  The mod menu apk version of Among Us is on its latest version 2021.6.30, supporting all mobile devices. Some features of this mod apk are listed in the next section.

Key features of the Among Us Always Imposter Hack Apk:

  • Always Impostor hack

    Tired of spawning as Crewmate again and again and doing boring chores. We can all agree that matching color coded wire is no fun but with The Among Us always impostor hack you can always spawn as an impostor and hack everyone to death(no pun intended).

  • No Kill Cooldown

    So you just killed a crewmate and left a witness to your dirty deed and now you can’t kill him because you are on cooldown. Not anymore, with the Among Us No Kill Cooldown hack you can now murder that witness too, with this his days for doing chores are now over.

  • Wall Hack

    Are walls coming in your way to get to your next prey. If 99% of matter is empty space then why can’t we just move through a wall. Well the Among Us wall hack fixes that for you. The player can also see other players through a wall. The wall hack in conjunction with the Insta Kill hack is equal to insta win.

  • Insta Kill Hack

    You enter a room and see three space dudes busy doing random chores. Wouldn’t it be great to just kill them instantly. Well now you can with Insta Kill Hack on the Among Us Mod apk.

  • Unlock all In game Skins, Hats and Pet

    Are you broke and can’t buy that skin, hat and pet you always wanted. Well you are in luck buddy, now you can instantly unlock all of them with the click of a button with the Unlock all skins, hats and pet hack.

  • Unlimited Emergency Meeting

    the Among Us unlimited emergency meeting hack allows you to call for an emergency meeting anytime. Because why not.

  • See Ghosts and Chats Feature

    With this feature you can see ghosts and chats without any problem and identify who the impostors are. This hack is good for crewmates. Time to vacuum these suckers out of the space station. 

Steps To Install The Among Us MOD APK

  1. You need to first uninstall previous version or the original version of the game if it’s already installed. Only then you can install the latest version of the Among Us mod apk.
  2. Then go to your device settings> Security> Check the Unknown sources option> Tap OK for the prompt message if asked> Select ‘Trust” if asked.
  3. Download the Among Us MOD apk v2021.6.30 file from the download section below
  4. Proceed with the installation options.
  5. Open the game.
  6. Click enable hacks toggle button.
  7. Select the hacks you want to use.
  8. Have fun.

Download Links for Among Us MOD Apk (All Unlocked)

among us mod apk

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Among Us is just such a fun party game and during these such tough times such us quarantine and being stuck in the house all the time this is one of the best ways to hang out with your friends. It’s not perfect but it’s one of the better games to play with your friends right now. It has just so much fun packed into this little game. And with the Among Us mod apk latest version it becomes even more fun to play

Disclaimer: does not own this App/APK, neither developed nor Modified. We just providing the link already available on the internet. is in compliance with 17 U.S.C. * 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It is our policy to respond to any infringement notices and take appropriate actions. If your copyrighted material has been posted on the site and you want this material removed, Contact us.

Download Among Us Apk (MOD MENU, Always Imposter) Hack Download

Download (91MB)
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